Modern materials for a classic look

Outdoor decks are a stylish and functional addition to any home, creating beautiful outdoor spaces that provide year-round enjoyment. However, they can take a lot of work to maintain, with the weather often playing havoc on timber planks and visible fixings.

But a new range of products available from Mode Decks and Pergolas – composite decking and concealed fixings – is bringing modern know-how to this classic outdoor feature.

New products for a classic range

Composite decking products like Ekodeck or ModWood are manufactured using reclaimed bamboo and timber, spliced with recycled plastic, so they can look like the beautiful hardwood decks we all know and love, but without any of the maintenance issues.

Timber decking requires owners to regularly oil or stain the boards, if this is neglected, the timber decking will fade and start to grey over time.

Composite decking has none of those needs or problems. It looks and feels like natural timber, but you never need to oil it or paint it to keep it looking good. Composite decking is naturally weather resistant, so there’s no need to worry about mould, rotting or termites. And it won’t splinter, cup or warp.

Plus, composite decking has a commercial anti-slip rating of R11, so it’s an ideal surface to install anywhere around the house, from outdoor living areas to pools.

Mode Decks and Pergolas has a wide range of composite decking products and can readily install them at a competitive price.

Out of sight fixings bring peace of mind

Old-fashioned timber decks use screws and nails to fix the boards to the joists. Though functional, this method can leave an unsightly finish that will deteriorate along with the wooden planks unless it is all regularly maintained.

Concealed fixings, like those manufactured by the Kleva Klips brand, remove the need for nails and screws by joining the deck planks flush to the joists with a C-shaped clip, creating a smooth and seamless look.

Putting it all together

By using composite decking and concealed fixings for your outdoor deck, you will save much effort in the long run, removing the need for regular maintenance to keep your deck looking great.

The composite decking will maintain its integrity and good looks no matter what the weather throws at it, and the concealed fixings will last much longer.

Above all, your deck will look fantastic year-round, with all the classic beauty of a traditional wooden deck, but none of the wear and tear. Mode Decks and Pergola’s wide range of modern products will help you create the perfect outdoor deck that will last for years to come.