If you’re a homeowner in the Australian Capital Territory and you’re looking for the finest selection of hand railings and balustrades in Canberra, you’ve come to the right place!

We’re an experienced company that thrives on our reputation for quality; you only need to look at the past jobs we’ve done for clients to see that! [link to testimonials/portfolio section of site]

We can provide balustrades and hand railings for homes, decking and pool areas in a variety of materials, including:

Stainless steel wire

Stylish, safe and easy to clean, this is one of our most popular materials, especially for use around the pool, as stainless steel doesn’t rust.


Another popular choice for outside areas, our glass balustrades give your backyard a sleek, modern look, while allowing you to enjoy the surroundings and, of course, keep an eye on the kids playing in the pool.


Stronger than the stainless steel wire option, this material is perfect if you’re wanting to erect a balustrade on a balcony or rooftop.


Available in powder-coated aluminium, these balustrades can be customised in a number of futuristic, metallic hues. The nylon powder coat allows the balustrade to retain a finish that is both silky smooth and resilient.


For those after a classic decking or balustrade solution, we provide hardwood options in a number of options, including favorites like Jarrah.


Traditionally more suited to indoor use, we also offer treated pine options, allowing you to use this lighter-coloured timber as you wish in your outdoor areas.

As well as our vast selection of balustrades, we’re the number one for hand railings in Canberra, and here’s why:

Ever heard of Merbau? No? Well, you’re about to.

Merbau is a highly desirable wood, found across the Indo-Pacific. It’s durable and also resistant to termites. However, what makes it really popular in terms of use in the home is the gold flecks that run through the grain.

We can also fashion hand railings from a variety of other Australian hardwoods, as well as treated and design pine.

For all your balustrade or hand railing needs, we’re the ones to call.