Are you looking for the finest pergolas in Canberra? Whether you want an irresistibly charming pergola with a gable roof or an eco-friendly Alfresco with eco-lining, we can make sure that you get the structure you’ve been imagining.

What type of roof?

There are several roof types that are popular for pergolas in Canberra. One of the most common is the gable roof, also referred to as a peaked roof, because it forms a triangle. A gable roof adds an airy, elegant look. Another classic option for pergolas in Canberra is a hip (or hipped) roof, which is created when all sides of the roof slope gently towards the walls.

Alternatively, for those looking for something more modern, a flat roof or skillion roof is ideal. The latter consists of a single, steeply pitched surface. Once you’ve decided what type of roof you’d like, you need to think about other features, like whether it should be trussed and/or enclosed.

What materials are best for pergolas’ roofing?

The next decision to make concerns the materials that make up the pergola. Again, a wide variety of choices is available. One favourite option for pergolas in Canberra is Colorbond corrugated roofing. Colorbond products are made for Australia’s harsh, unpredictable weather conditions. They’re tough and durable, and they come in a range of colours that are perfectly suited to Australia’s unique natural environment.

Another material to think about is polycarbonate roof sheeting. Polycarbonate is an incredibly lightweight material that’s built to handle extreme temperatures, be they hot or cold. So it also works well for pergolas in Canberra – the city is well-known for its seasonal contrasts. And insulated roof panels are also worth considering, because they help with thermal management, keeping Alfresco areas dry and stable, and protecting them from moisture build-up.

What about ceiling linings?

It is important to add ceiling linings to gazebos for both practical and aesthetic reasons. For pergolas in Canberra, some popular options include plaster, which is great for creating curved surfaces; cedar, which creates a lovely, natural look; villaboard, which is fantastic for optimum performance even in wet conditions; and eco-lining, which helps the environment because it is sourced from sustainable plantations.

What types of frames are best for pergolas in Canberra?

The final decision that any prospective pergola owner needs to make concerns frames. There’s regular treated pine which requires painting and is a very affordable option. There’s Design pine which is treated pine timber and also requires painting but comes pre-primed and dressed meaning it is completely smooth and has square edges and no features or imperfections. Galvanised steel, which is incredibly strong; and powder coated steel which is available in just about in colour you can imagine.

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